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The divorce process can take a huge emotional and financial toll, but fortunately there are numerous ways to minimize the impact of divorce on you and your family. Learn more about it here from one of Wisconsin’s family law experts.

Pricing for Divorce Options in WI

Learn more about the cost of a collaborative divorce, mediation, and litigation in the state of Wisconsin.


starting at $5,000 $15,000/couple
  • Non-adversarial negotiations
  • Joint meetings among parties/counsel
  • Option to use appropriate “team” professionals (financial, emotional, joint experts)
  • One short court appearance at the end
  • Shorter process than litigation
  • More affordable than high-conflict litigation
  • Better “whole family” outcome than litigation

Learn More About Collaborative


starting at $3,000 $4,000/couple
  • Non-adversarial negotiation
  • All paperwork completed for you
  • One short court appearance at the end
  • Reduced stress
  • Lowest cost divorce

Learn More About Mediation


starting at $3,500 $10,000/couple
  • Better for high-conflict cases in which there is substance abuse or domestic violence
  • When mediation fails or is not an option
  • When mental illness may be present

Learn More About Litigation

Supportive and Knowledgeable!

"When my husband told me he wanted a divorce… I was lost, hurt, and broken. I didn’t have a clue what was going on and where to even start. Karyn not only went through the normal financial and legal items that every other lawyer would go through, but she also shared insight into the mental and psychological affects of divorce and how to keep my power during the whole process. Through the process, she continued educated me about my rights and how to best handle working with my (ex) husband to make things go as smoothly as possible. Karyn’s service was instrumental in keeping the process as quick and painless as possible – while helping me to move on quickly to the next chapter of my awesome life. I highly recommend her service."

Shannon, September 6, 2017

Easy going, knowledgeable and easy to work with

"Karyn was great to work with. She quickly had an understanding of a fairly unconventional situation, laid out the plan, and then executed on it.

She was quick to get documents turned around and to talk to me about different financial scenarios, and clearly articulated the economic impacts.

Very happy to work with her and while I hope I don’t have to file for a divorce ever again, I would hire her again!"

Bob, May 1, 2017

Smartest Person in the Room

"I was looking for an attorney to work through a difficult situation fairly while at the same time protecting mine and my children’s interest. Karen was that attorney. She represented my children’s interests very well. She is organized, intelligent and thorough. If it’s important for you to have a lawyer who is the smartest person in the room and who will make sure the difficult divorce process is handled fairly and professionally, I would highly recommend Ms. Youso."

Mike, August 31, 2015

Highly recommended

"Karyn was able to jump right into my case on short notice and provide excellent representation. She was always available and responsive via email and phone. She addressed all of my concerns to make sure I was protected from the intricacies of my situation. During high emotional times, she was able to provide a sense of calmness. I appreciated her candidness as we worked through adversarial issues to keep moving forward to come to an agreeable outcome. I would highly recommend Karyn."

Don, June 9, 2015

Life is Good!!

"Excellent attorney. Her ability to read personalities, (including mine), allowed for smooth and drama free negotiations. Her firm, straight forward approach keeps the process moving forward. She’s no-nonsense with a sense of humor…a key attribute for a divorce attorney. Her integrity and honesty allowed for a fair outcome. Her calmness was a blessing when having to deal with high emotions. Highly recommended!"

Steve, July 15, 2014

Valued Partner During a Difficult Time

"Karyn is a direct no-nonsense attorney who speaks her mind and gives it to you straight. This is a very good thing, but sometimes hard to take. I learned to truly appreciate her communication style and candid feedback. Karyn was exceptionally responsive with returning calls and emails. She provided sound legal advice as well as some emotional guidance through a difficult time. While the outcome was not what either of us sought, it was due to circumstances beyond both of our control. For anyone seeking a collaborative divorce, I would recommend talking with Karyn."

Brian, July 3, 2014

Excellent lawyer

"Always kept me informed and gave me good advice, even when it conflicted with what I originally thought were best moves for me. Always honest and willing to work with me on the bill in tough times."

Jim, April 17, 2009

Our Wisconsin Family Law Firm Helps You Take the First Step

Experienced Divorce Attorney in BrookfieldExperienced divorce attorney Brookfield

Divorce is never easy, and it can take a tremendous toll on your finances, your mental health, and your emotional welfare. When going through this difficult time, it’s important to have proper representation helping you to make the best decisions regarding your family’s future. Karyn Gimbel Youso, attorney and mediator in practice over 27 years, provides experienced representation for clients all over southeast Wisconsin facing divorce and other family law matters. She is always committed to protecting what is most important to you.

Rely on First Look Family Law for professional legal guidance in generating options, providing emotional support, and offering objective feedback to help you make the best decisions. Whether you are still weighing the decision to file for divorce or the process has already begun, Brookfield divorce attorney Karyn Youso can provide you with the best information, guidance, and support you need to take that next step.

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No matter what questions you have about your divorce or about Wisconsin divorce laws, you can find the answers you need from First Look Family Law. Karyn Gimbel Youso has been an attorney and mediator in practice for over 27 years, and she’s here to help you make the best-informed decisions regarding your family’s future.

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