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Located in Brookfield, First Look Family Law helps Waukesha County residents get the best results out of their divorce. Founding Attorney Karyn Youso has over 27 years of experience practicing law. Personable, compassionate and direct, she’s known as a “no-nonsense attorney” – just read our divorce client testimonials.

Whether you need a lawyer on short notice or haven’t even started divorce proceedings, First Look Family Law can offer advice and representation. Every client’s situation is unique, and we’ve worked with countless unconventional divorce cases. We create specific legal strategies based on what’s most important to you. Our family law services include:

  • Divorce mediation – reach a settlement in an environment where an attorney acts as a neutral and impartially assists with negotiation between the parties
  • Traditional divorce – take the right legal actions to safeguard your finances, property and parental rights, even if it means going to court
  • Collaborative divorce – negotiate a meaningful divorce resolution without going to court
  • Paternity – establish paternity rights and visitation for non-married parents
  • Child custody & visitation – preserve the relationship with your children by learning about custody, placement & visitation rights, even if your aren’t married or getting divorced

A big part of divorce is property division. Learn the difference between gifted, inherited and premarital assets and why it’s important in Wisconsin courts. Call us today for a free 30-minute consultation.


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While we may be able to provide quick answers to common divorce questions, specific advice will require an in-depth conversation. First Look Family Law has experience in Wisconsin’s 1st and 3rd Judicial Districts. Our attorneys represent people from all over Waukesha County, including:

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