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Expert, Honest Advice During Your DivorceKaryn Yuoso is an Expert Family Law Attorney in Oconomowoc, WI

The process of divorce is never an easy task. Emotions run high and the future of you and your spouse is at stake. You don't want to make a mistake that could cost you years down the road. Thankfully with the family law attorneys at First Look Family Law, it doesn't have to end in devastation.

We'll help layout out the facts and prepare you to look at your case in an objective manner. Our expert advice guides you through the divorce process, reducing stress, and helping you make the most through one of life's toughest situations.

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Divorce Laws Specific to Waukesha County

In order to file for divorce in the city of Oconomowoc in Waukesha County, you must:

  • Be a resident of the State of Wisconsin for six months immediately before the date the action is filed, and
  • Be a resident of Waukesha County for 30-days immediately before the date the action is filed

First Look Family Law will help you with whatever family law service you need, including:

  • Mediation – Divorcing couples can meet with an expert attorney at First Look Family Law that is a specially trained, neutral third party to help guide you through reaching a settlement without a divorce trial.
  • Arbitration – Often utilized when couples have reached an impasse or stalemate in their divorce negotiations, arbitration provides a fast settlement outside of the divorce court.
  • Property division – We consult with appraisers & tax advisors to compile and value marital property.
  • Child custody & visitation –  We alert you of the factors that go into custody/placement decisions, such as a child’s age, health, and historic relationships with each parent.

Trust First Look Family Law for providing legal guidance and emotional support through one of life's hardest situations. Wisconsin divorce attorney Karyn Youso can provide you with the information and support needed to take the next step.

Avoid common mistakes made during a Wisconsin divorce – contact Karyn Youso today for a free phone or Zoom consultation.