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Post-Divorce Finances

Protecting Your Post-Divorce Financial Picture

Alimony Laws Wisconsin

Spousal Support and Alimony Laws in Wisconsin

Spousal support — also known as alimony or spousal maintenance — is a temporary or permanent award of financial support from one spouse to another. There are several types of spousal support. Support may be awarded on a temporary basis while the divorce is pending or may be set for a period or even an indefinite period of time after the divorce is finalized. Many people facing divorce want more information about maintenance/alimony. Let our experienced team at First Look Family Law, SC talk with you about your financial situation and how maintenance/alimony could impact your case, so you are prepared with the information you need. 

If you are considering or facing divorce, you are likely concerned about the financial picture both during and after the process. You are wondering whether maintenance/alimony will be awarded and, if so, in what amount. We have extensive experience with cases that may involve maintenance/alimony. Let us take a first look at your case and talk with you about the tools you need to make the next financial decision in your life and in your divorce.

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How to Determine Alimony

In Wisconsin, there is no set formula for determining the amounts or duration of maintenance/alimony. The reality is, each case is unique, and each set of circumstances will determine the outcome. Many facts must be weighed by a court in determining whether maintenance/alimony is appropriate in a given case, including:

  • The duration of the marriage
  • The spouses’ age and health
  • What the property division will look like in the divorce
  • The parties’ educational levels
  • The parties’ earning capacities
  • The parties’ employment prospects
  • The tax ramifications of a support award
  • Both parties’ contributions to the marriage
  • Parenting responsibilities and child support
  • The standard of living attained during the marriage
  • Any agreements previously reached between the parties

For parties with minor children, Wisconsin law also offers a hybrid of spousal support and child support, called family support. This arrangement may result in more favorable tax consequences for both parents. We look forward to reviewing your situation with you and providing you with the resources you need to choose the best path for the next step in your life.

Post-Divorce Finances

Creative Problem-Solving Skills and Effective AdvocacyAttorney Karyn Gimbel First Look Family Law

Attorney Karyn Gimbel Youso and First Look Family Law, SC can advise you on what to expect regarding spousal support. We represent clients in all stages of divorce proceedings, including establishing, modifying or challenging spousal support orders. Coming to us first can let us equip you with the information you need to make the smart financial decisions about maintenance/alimony in your divorce.

Our team is backed by experience and skillfully navigates the complexities that may arise in maintenance/alimony determinations, such as attaining favorable tax treatment, imputing income to under-employed parties, or analyzing the impact and accuracy of fluctuating income for self-employed parties. Whether you are just considering divorce, or your spouse has already served you with divorce papers, we can talk to you about the process and your options and help you decide the best next step for your unique situation.

We provide thoughtful legal guidance and diligent representation rooted in extensive family law experience.

Our attorneys value the low-conflict approach to resolving legal disputes. We are trained in mediation and Collaborative Divorce. However, we also provide effective advocacy for clients in court. In either scenario, we are adept at crafting creative problem-solving solutions. If after reviewing your case and your objectives we believe that another expert would be better-suited to filling your needs, we will help connect you with those professionals to assist you in achieving your goals.

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