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How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

Collaborative family law is a unique field that has been around for the past 20 or so years. Its philosophy is based upon a more respectful and dignified divorce process, taking into consideration the best interests of ALL family members at ALL times. Collaborative divorce offers many benefits over traditional divorce, including:

  • the possibility of saving money on attorneys’ fees compared to litigation conflict
  • negotiating a resolution at a pace that works for the parties, not dictated by the court
  • talking about compromise without using the threat of battling in court
  • focusing on creative problem solving
  • attacking the problems, not each other

If you have questions about whether collaborative divorce is right for your case, let us be the first to answer your questions. We have extensive experience in the field and can talk with you openly about your situation and help you determine whether collaborative divorce is right for you.

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Why do you need a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer?

As part of the Collaborative law process, each party retains a Collaborative divorce lawyer whose sole job is to help the parties settle the dispute without resorting to litigation. Each party also retains a divorce coach, who is a mental health professional who helps each participant deal with the emotions that always accompany a divorce. The coach is not there to provide therapy, just support and insight into the process. In cases with kids, a child specialist will be employed to gain insight into how the children are perceiving the divorce and divorce process, their fears, preferences, and best interests, giving the child a voice but not putting him or her in the center of the conflict. The child specialist often meets with the children of divorcing parents, as well as the parents themselves. And finally, a financial specialist may be involved to review the parties’ finances, value assets where appropriate, and suggest options for property division/support which will benefit everyone. Other experts may be employed as necessary, such as real estate appraisers or vocational experts.

No one may litigate in court. If any party opts out of the process because of an insurmountable impasse, the collaborative case is over and both attorneys and all team members and experts are disqualified from any further involvement in the case. The parties must then start over with retaining new litigation counsel, who will represent them in the contested divorce case.

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Why People are Choosing Collaborative Divorce (IACP)


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One of the biggest differences between the Collaborative law process and traditional divorce is that Collaborative law recognizes emotional issues that cannot be adequately addressed by the legal system. Parties who dispute in court are rarely fighting over the assets or the best interests of the kids; they are more likely acting out of emotions that they are experiencing, such as guilt, fear, anger, a desire for vengeance, resentment, martyrdom, etc. These emotional issues are generally ignored in the litigation process. By contrast, the Collaborative law process specifically addresses these issues by bringing them to the forefront and using professionals as part of the team approach to find solutions.

Why Should I Hire a Collaborative Divorce Attorney?

Most Cases Settle. Divorce data suggests that more than 90% of all divorce cases are resolved without a trial. However, in the litigation system, that settlement often comes more than a year after the divorce was commenced, usually at the last minute after most of the cost has already been incurred, and after many hurtful statements have been made to your spouse and also in public court hearings and documents. Doesn’t it make more sense to seek that resolution before the bridges are burned and the missiles are launched in a courtroom? And before the money is spent on attorneys and experts who may be fighting the emotional war for their clients? While Collaborative law will not work in every case, in the cases where Collaborative law has been used, there have been better settlements reached at less than the normal cost associated with litigated divorce. Most clients agree that the emotional costs saved were incalculable. For more information about this process, please feel free to visit the website of the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin information page, or the international website of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. For a recent article on how clients are equally protected in the Collaborative process, check out this link.

If you are interested in discussing collaborative law and how it could help your case, contact us today.  Our team can talk with you about your goals, your case, and how collaborative law may be the right way to help you reach your objectives.


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