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Divorce Arbitration in Wisconsin

Arbitration Services in Wisconsin

Understanding Divorce Arbitration in WisconsinDivorce Arbitration in Wisconsin

For many years, arbitration has become common in problem-solving during divorce proceedings. It’s a method of resolving disputes outside of court – both parties refer their disputes to an arbitrator who reviews the evidence, listens to both parties, and then makes a decision. Divorce arbitration is often used when couples have reached an impasse or stalemate in their divorce negotiations and wish to resolve the issues without going to court. The arbitrator is presented with the specific issues preventing resolution, and after a hearing, the arbitrator renders a decision (known as an award) on the specific disputed issues.

Karyn Youso of First Look Family Law acts is an experienced family law attorney who has the skills and knowledge to act an arbitrator for divorcing couples in southeast Wisconsin. Our family law office helps people looking to settle disputes outside of court through arbitration – if you are thinking about divorce, or are in the middle of a divorce, arbitration may be a good solution to resolving a dispute between you and your spouse.

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Arbitration Laws Wisconsin

What are the Benefits of Divorce Arbitration?

Arbitration offers several benefits to allow the divorcing couples to have more freedom in decision-making than they would have had in court. Some of the benefits of using arbitration include:

  • Having the option to select an arbitrator who has specific experience in an area of interest – for example, taxes or real-estate value.
  • Defining the specific issues to be addressed by the arbitrator.
  • Picking the day, time, and location of the hearing, and not having to wait for a court summons.
  • Having privacy, confidentiality, and a less formal setting which avoids the time, expense, and emotional distress associated with a court trial.

Divorce Arbitration vs. Divorce Mediation

Arbitration and mediation are very similar when it comes to divorce proceedings, but unlike arbitrators, mediators don’t have the power to make official decisions for the divorcing parties. The mediation process is less formal than arbitration, and is more focused on determining each party’s interests as opposed to their positions or entitlements. Mediation can also be spread out over several meetings while arbitration is often just finished within one meeting.

Both arbitration and mediation are focused on the best interests and concerns of the spouse and children, and the family law experts at First Look Family Law offers the best possible solution for you! Whether you’re looking for expert arbitration services, or you’re considering mediation to settle a dispute, Attorney Karyn Youso is here to help.

Arbitration Services in Wisconsin

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