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How much will my divorce cost in Wisconsin?

How much will my divorce cost in Wisconsin?

Divorce costs depend on your situation. A cooperative litigation case involving no kids and few assets to divide,  handled amicably may cost as little as $3,500. The figure goes up from there depending on the issues involved, whether a Guardian Ad Litem is necessary to handle disputes over children, whether the case involves domestic abuse or substance abuse, the degree of communication between the parties, and the parties’ willingness to compromise. Traditional divorces which involve domestic violence or having bitter custody/placement disputes might cost as much as $25,000-40,000. Collaborative divorces usually generate less attorneys’ fees than in traditional high conflict litigation, but the cost savings again depends on the willingness of the parties to communicate and compromise. Costs are also driven by the competency and professionalism of your spouse’s attorney. Some attorneys are more “aggressive” than others. This does not mean they fight harder or better for their clients. It might simply mean they would rather fight (and generate fees) than work toward compromise. Fights always cost more than compromise, both economically AND emotionally. Be wary of the attorney who bills himself as “aggressive,” as it is no guarantee you will get the results you want in your case — but you will certainly pay for the fight.

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Divorce Options That Work For You

Learn more about the cost of a collaborative divorce, mediation, and litigation in the state of Wisconsin.


starting at $5,000 $15,000/couple
  • Non-adversarial negotiations
  • Joint meetings among parties/counsel
  • Option to use appropriate “team” professionals (financial, emotional, joint experts)
  • One short court appearance at the end
  • Shorter process than litigation
  • More affordable than high-conflict litigation
  • Better “whole family” outcome than litigation

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starting at $3,000 $4,000/couple
  • Non-adversarial negotiation
  • All paperwork completed for you
  • One short court appearance at the end
  • Reduced stress
  • Lowest cost divorce

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starting at $3,500 $10,000/couple
  • Better for high-conflict cases in which there is substance abuse or domestic violence
  • When mediation fails or is not an option
  • When mental illness may be present

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