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Managing Divorce-Related Stress During the Pandemic

Managing Divorce-Related Stress During the Pandemic

You can never completely prepare yourself for the tension that divorce can add to your life. Whatever you may have done to brace yourself for the situation, you probably had no idea you would be going through this during the coronavirus outbreak. This unprecedented situation has added strain to multiple aspects of our daily lives. When you are already dealing with the tension of divorce, having the deal with COVID-19 issues is a lot. The good news is that there are ways you can manage divorce-related stress during the pandemic.

Taking a Break

Although you may be anxious to move forward with all aspects of your divorce, take this temporary pause to step away from the situation. There is nothing anyone can do to make the courtroom dockets move more quickly. If you and your ex were in heated exchanges, now is an excellent time to take a breath and regain your emotional footing. By moving away from the intensity of your case, you can regain your perspective and composure. Even a few days without having to talk or think about the subject can help you reduce stress. Using this time to rest and recover can only benefit you in the long-term.

Touch Base with Your Attorney

One of the most stressful things about divorce is feeling like matters are beyond your control. Likewise, COVID-related circumstances can create similar stressors. Taken together, these two conditions can intensify one another. One way to feel more in command of your circumstances is by talking with your family law attorney. You can touch base about your case, consider any new developments, and discuss ideas about how to manage issues. Your counsel may have answers to some of the questions that are causing you the most anxiety. For instance, your attorney could offer insight regarding a realistic trajectory for your case. They may also be able to discuss possible alternatives to litigation using videoconferencing and divorce mediation services.

Find Remote Support

The pandemic has created financial consequences and health risks for numerous Wisconsin citizens. For someone who is already going through the stress and financial strain of a divorce, COVID-19 presents added pressures and concerns that would be difficult for anyone to handle alone. However, at this time, many people have to stay away from one another to prevent the spread of the virus. Fortunately, numerous remote resources are available. There are online groups, websites, and accessible therapy services. You can also practice self-care by engaging in daily exercise, nutrition, and sleep practices designed for optimum health and wellness.


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