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Dating While the Divorce is Pending

Some divorces can take a long time to finish, and during the process, you may feel that you are ready to move on to your next relationship. However, it's important to consult a family law expert as there are some reasons you may want to consider holding off on dating until your case is complete.

Give Yourself Time

Even if you and your spouse have been growing apart for years, actually ending your relationship through divorce is a final and emotional step. You are leaving behind all that you hoped to share with your ex, and it is important to take the time you need to process and grieve this loss. Getting involved with a new partner too soon may distract you from taking the steps you need to heal. 

It Could Interfere with Negotiations

Ideally, during your divorce you will be able to resolve your differences collaboratively & amicably, eventually settling on equitable terms regarding property divison.  Although you and your ex may never want to be romantically involved again, seeing each other with someone new or even hearing about it can create negative feelings. If your spouse learns you have already moved on before the ink is dry, it could add conflict and tension thereby impeding your ability to come to mutually beneficial agreements.

It Can Confuse the Children

When a parent begins seeing someone new it can be painful and confusing for children. Older children may not be ready to see you with someone else and could feel stressed about betraying the other parent by accepting your new partner. Younger children, who tend to need structure and routine, are already dealing with many changes to their world. Adding a new person before they have time to get used to their new lives can make the adjustment harder for them. Additionally, exposing your children prematurely to a new partner could be perceived by the court as harmful to their well-being and impact your custody and parenting plan terms.


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